How Cloud Computing is Changing Cybersecurity

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My Post - 2019-11-06T131004.856.pngAs it has emerged over the past few years, the cloud has really revolutionized business and allowed us to do amazing things with web-delivered technologies.

However, one of the biggest issues around the cloud has always been, and still is, cybersecurity.

The cloud brings with it a host of cybersecurity issues. Some of them relate to the inherent nature of cloud computing, and others are exploited by hackers through very specific design processes.

Lack of Transparency

Because the cloud vendor model requires client businesses to trust outside third parties, transparency is a big issue. That starts with knowing what your vendor’s data setup is like – whether it’s truly a private cloud, or a multi-tenant design that should rightly be called public – and how many barriers there are between the data holdings of multiple customers.

Then other questions center around the security standards and algorithms that the vendors are running. Even things like uptime have to be hashed out in a service level agreement, or there’s really not full transparency in play. That issue of trusting the cloud vendor is one that’s always been central to the relationship between a cloud provider and a consumer of cloud services.

A company is giving up a lot of control – and with that comes a burden of due diligence and the desire to create transparent relationships with vendors.

“If someone is going to operate a service like a public cloud that people are supposed to be able to count on, while changing it under the hood on a continuous basis, and constantly releasing improvements to it, they have taken a management burden upon themselves that no one else in the computing industry has ever shouldered,” wrote Bernd Harzog at Network World in 2017.

“This gives rise to some very tough questions, which none of the public cloud vendors has been forthcoming to answer.”

There are ways to hedge against vendor risks, for example, creating redundant multi-cloud systems and making in-house systems more versatile, but the threat is still there. – Read more

Table of Contents