How are you talking to your customers during lockdown?

My Post (11).pngFor businesses not in the essential services game, the 21-day national lockdown potentially has disastrous consequences. Aside from the obvious of not selling products or providing of services for three weeks, and not earning an income, still paying bills and employees, how do you know that when the lockdown is lifted, your customers will come flooding back? It is not a safe assumption.
But what it is safe to say, is that for three weeks your customer is online, scrolling their newsfeeds throughout the day, scanning for information and being influenced by your competitors’ strategic and astute digital media marketing campaigns.

Covid-19 is going to forever (and has already) change the way humans do business; it has expediated the onset of the digital revolution, our expectations of the quality of online content and people’s expectations of how their favourite brands communicate with them.

Consumers now have a taste of the power of online – many who had not yet been “converted”, now have been “forced” to go online, have learnt how to shop online – and it will forever change the way they shop, and of their expectations of brands and businesses going forward.

Business owners need to change the way they view, and value, marketing, how they communicate with their ideal customer and understand that the world has now changed forever and that their previous methods of “marketing” are no longer going to ensure a business post-Covid-19. – Read more

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