Harvest – Customizable, flexible permissions to support how your team actually works


Today we’re starting to roll out new and improved permissions features! They’ll allow you to better customize your team’s Harvest access, so your teammates can see everything they need to streamline their work and nothing they don’t. 

We’ve made it possible for people to manage specific teammates in Harvest. And we’ve also updated our Project Manager permissions so you can customize their access and abilities, including editing other people’s time, sending estimates and invoices, and more.

Release dates

All accounts will get these features on April 20th.

But if these features sound exciting, you can get them early! As long as your account has more than 2 people, any Administrator can turn on these new features by following the prompts in your account (we’re rolling out this prompt over the week, so all Admins should see it by Friday). This way, your team can plan for and set expectations around these changes.

When your account gets these new features, some of your teammates’ access may change. Keep reading to learn more, or jump here to see how your account may be affected

Why permissions?

We always try to help teams spend their time wisely, but we noticed a common theme in feedback from all types of companies: because permissions were fairly rigid, teams had to decide between giving people too much or not enough access in Harvest. And this wasted time.

Teams that made too many Administrators ran into problems like miscommunication, mistakes with billing, and changes to data that took a lot of time and energy to fix. 

Teams that limited the number of Admins ran into bottlenecks. People couldn’t access the sections of Harvest that were necessary to do their jobs, which meant waiting for one of a few Admins to be available. – Read more


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