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My Post.pngWe’re all dealing with a world that is very different than it was even a few weeks ago. Never has our generation experienced such levels of change and global uncertainty, not knowing what the next week will bring. But the one thing we can try to control is how we react and adapt to these changes.

COVID-19 has seen organisations and professionals come together to support one another. Social media has played a key role in making this happen, allowing us to both give and get help from our phones and computer screens. On LinkedIn, we’ve seen countless examples of professionals using their platform to help make this new world of work a safer, more inclusive, and ultimately better place.

Today we’re shining a spotlight on seven UK LinkedIn members who are changemakers within their respective fields. Issues such as mental health, work-life balance, and being inclusive of marginalised communities were some of the most discussed topics on LinkedIn in the UK before the pandemic – and it could be argued they are now more important than ever.

Over the next twelve months, we’ll be following these seven changemakers who will be using LinkedIn to drive their causes forward – through sharing insightful content, connecting with others and opening up the conversations that are affecting the world of work.

Check out their stories below and click follow to stay up to date with their journeys!

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