Engagedly For Managing Your Remote Team: Goal Setting And Okrs

My Post - 2020-03-24T141817.992.pngNow that most teams across the globe have started working remotely, owing to the global COVID-19 panic, it is time for organizations to find a way to keep their teams functioning normally and drive engagement and productivity.

Setting employee goals is the first step to managing your remote team. While goal-setting seems like a huge task when you’re working with a team, there are many easier ways to do it. One of such ways is using an employee goal setting software.

The next step is to find the best-fitting goal setting software for your organization. Depending on the type of your organization and the industry, the type of goal-setting software required also differs. However, Engagedly is designed in a way to suit almost every organization’s goal-setting needs.

Engagedly For Employee Goal Management


Engagedly’s simple yet effective goal-setting tool provides you transparency by allowing you to

  • Record goals
  • Add key results
  • Add start date and end date
  • Change ownership
  • Check-in progress
  • Align individual goals with company goals

You can easily keep track of your goal progress as well as your team’s progress with Engagedly. Aligning your goals with organizational goals allows you to gain an understanding of how you are contributing to your organization’s success.


Like I said above, flexibility in goal-setting is important because goals differ from person to person. Engagedly’s goal-setting tool supports various tracking methods.

There are two different kinds of goal check-in in Engagedly

1. Percentage check-in (When you want to keep track of the progress by percentage)

Example: Increase leads by 15% in 2019

2. Quantitative check-in (When you want to keep track of the progress by whole numbers)

Example: Close 100 tickets a day

The start date and end date also allow you to track your goals based on deadlines.


Engagedly’s goal-setting tool is easy to understand and acts like a task management system. It is easier to shift from paper-based goals to Engagedly’s goal-setting tool; one reason for this is the compelling graphical representation of goal dashboards (My dashboard, Team dashboard, Org dashboard). – Read more

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