Energise your cloud accountancy journey

Setting your practice up to become cloud-based can be a bit like playing a game of Monopoly. It begins with the best of intentions, but after a few hundred rolls of the dice you can start to feel like there’s no end in sight. 

While figuring out how to finish that game of Monopoly remains a mystery, becoming market leaders in cloud accountancy can now be made easier with significantly fewer rolls of the dice, thanks to the launch of our new Energise webinar series. This new series follows the five stages of the Xero partner journey, supporting you and your team with the right content, at the right time, based on where you’re at. 

The Energise series is hosted by our Partner Consulting team, made up of trained accountants and industry experts that have been there and done it before in UK accounting practices. With a wealth of experience and knowledge of Xero, they understand the challenges first-hand. They’ll provide greater clarity on the steps that your firm needs to pass ‘Go’.

To help you understand which webinars might best suit you and your practice, select which stage you think you’re at below and check out the suggested webinars to get you started. 

Stage 1: Cloud Curious

“I’ve just signed up to Xero but need some support on how to get going.”

If you’re a ‘Cloud Curious’ practice, you’re just getting started with online accounting software. You have a real desire to kick things off, but need support getting your team familiar with digital workflows, and feeling confident with Xero overall. To you, understanding some of the key considerations, tips and tricks to get the process started is of the utmost importance.

Webinars to get you started:

Stage 2: Cloud Emerging

“I’m actively using Xero for my own books and have a few of my clients using it too. Our staff have different levels of knowledge when it comes to digital and need some upskilling.”

If your firm is at the ‘Cloud Emerging’ stage, you’re probably looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to easily convert and set clients up on Xero. – Read more

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