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The new CRM software in the Hager Group is set up not only to record the activities of employees in the sales department but also as a tool for strategic business management. Before the implementation of eWay-CRM, the company’s sales team used various spreadsheets, memos, papers, Outlook, and reminders.

The Hager Group, a leading provider of solutions and services in the field of electrical equipment for residential, industrial, and commercial properties, was looking for a CRM software for a branch in the Czech Republic. While choosing a suitable solution, they looked at several CRMs, including the most well-known ones such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

Two CRMs – eWay-CRM and Raynet – made the final cut. The winner was eWay-CRM with its simplicity and its integration with Outlook. The company also appreciated the expertise and help with the implementation.

CRM implementation process

In the beginning, the customer had about 70% of the specifications ready – especially in terms of appearance and features. It took some time to set up the project workflow and menus.

The company decided to merge the Deals and Projects modules into one, namely under Projects. They put deals as the first stage of the project. Personalized customization is a great advantage of eWay-CRM.

The actual implementation took a lot of time with detailed familiarization with all modules and testing of partial settings based on the customer’s specifications. After the final phase, sales staff training was conducted, and then they went live.

The original estimate for implementation was 2 months, but there were a lot of changes during that time. Thus, the company gradually adapted the CRM to its own needs with continuous data updates.

In the very beginning, the sales team used various spreadsheets, memos, papers, Outlook and reminders. Now everything is in one software. The initial time investment may be large, but it will yield even larger savings in the future.

After the initial two-hour training session, some minor adjustments were made to the software setup. This was followed by a final second training session, after which everyone was working with the new CRM.

The CRM software at Hager is as open as possible. The company only restricted colleagues from deleting items. The sales team concentrates on writing down only brief and important information. With that in mind, data entry only takes about 30 minutes a day.

The eWay-CRM is set up intuitively and the meeting minutes help the sales team work efficiently with the information. Typically, each meeting results in 2 – 3 tasks in the form of proposal processing or some other activity.

Working with a CRM software shows who can plan and recognize the needs of the client.

What does a typical project look like?

The sales team handles two types of projects – projects and proposals. A project is a long-term entity that consists of several proposals compiled in SAP.

Such projects can be in progress for 2 to 3 years. It is precisely for long-term activities that the workflow in eWay-CRM and the interconnected records are utilized.

A typical client is a wholesaler, an assembly company, or a switchboard manufacturer.

Other uses of the CRM software

This year, the company has set itself the goal of focusing on another type of customer. They are now partners not only with wholesalers but also with switchboard manufacturers, electrical installation companies and designers. The CRM software will help them in monitoring the development of the new strategy.

Some projects take a large amount of time and take several years to implement. The negotiations sometimes start with the investor’s idea and continue through architects and developers to the general contractor, switchboard manufacturer and wholesaler.

This is where the eWay-CRM platform makes Hager’s job easier. Nothing gets lost along the way and nothing is forgotten.

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