Creating A Performance Based Culture At Workplace During A Crisis

My Post (17)Most companies work hard to build and sustain a positive performance culture at their workplaces. Different companies have different kinds of culture.

While some companies tend to have a formal performance culture with fixed rules, some other companies prefer to have a casual culture that has flexible rules.

This totally depends on how the company is run and on a few other factors like how large the company is and how they measure the performance of their employees.

What do managers need for creating a performance based culture at workplaces? What does it mean and why is it important for an organization to focus on this aspect? Firstly, every organization’s success depends on the productivity of their staff. The productivity of teams in an organization depend on how engaged and satisfied the employees are with their current workplace culture.

Here are a few qualities of an ideal performance based workplace culture:

  1. Change is welcome
  2. Employees from different levels are allowed to make decisions
  3. Teamwork is the norm
  4. Constant effort to better the existing operational strategy
  5. A sense of accountability among the team members

While it is hard enough to create and sustain a high performance culture at a workplace during normal times, the current pandemic hasn’t made it any easier for the management. Here are a few tips to creating a performance based culture at workplace during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Clear And Open Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of running an organization. Communicate the values of your organization to your employees. It has become more important now more than ever to make your employees realize how their contribution affects the values of the organization.

Assign SMART, short-term goals to your employees and help them align those with the company values. Encourage your employees to come forward and communicate with the management. Make sure that you handle any sort of information from the employees sensibly.

Feedback Culture

Real-time feedback that is delivered throughout the year goes a long way towards fixing the damage caused by annual performance reviews. This makes the annual performance review a quick and short meeting because of having most of the groundwork laid before. A survey by Zenger and Folkman revealed 92% of respondents agreed, “Negative (redirecting) feedback, if delivered appropriately, is effective at improving performance.”

Continuous employee feedback has a direct impact on things like productivity, customer retention and has many benefits like employee retention, performance improvement, quick analysis of problem, open channels of communication, etc. Most companies these days want to invest in retaining their existing talent so that their employees are skilled enough to take care of the constantly changing needs of the industry. – Read more

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