Cloud integration is becoming a business imperative

My Post (14).pngCreating a single view of infrastructure provides the connective digital tissue businesses need to innovate and create.

Cloud integration is a critical link that will ensure the automation of digital business. Increasingly known as IPaaS (integrated platform as a service), when appropriately executed, it supports an organisation’s desire to build heterogeneous infrastructure environments and connect disparate environments for a single cohesive experience.

According to global research organisation Orbis Research, the Global Cloud Integration Software Market is expected to register a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period (2020- 2025). The researcher further highlights that successful cloud integration enables companies to avoid creating new silos of information in cloud applications and ensures that a company can attain the highest levels of security when connecting clouds.

“Cloud computing is already an integral part, or component, of just about all IT infrastructures, but the integration of cloud applications and information assets across cloud remains a stumbling block for business,” states Clinton Scott, managing director at TechSoft International. “Cloud integration, or IPaaS, has to form a part of a cloud migration strategy or organisations simply won’t get a cohesive view of all of their infrastructure assets and the information they own.”

The cornerstone of effective cloud integration is the use of APIs across platforms, to integrate applications and data. Using TIBCO Cloud Integration, Scott says TechSoft is now able to help clients connect assets no matter where they reside. Critically, the platform supports an API-led approach, which is its key differentiator as it simplifies integration and doesn’t require data or applications to be stored in a single environment.

Further, by taking an API-led approach to cloud integration, a business can connect hundreds of connectors to endpoints and applications. Now, business analysts and application owners can connect to a wide variety of SaaS applications, databases and business applications such as your ERP, automation systems and CRM solutions, to name a few. – Read more