Can the cloud save you money? These companies say yes

My Post - 2019-11-19T162002.639.pngHow four companies improved storage, security, scalability, and the bottom line by moving to the cloud

The cloud has long been touted as a way for enterprises to save money, whether it’s through reduced on-premises servers and storage systems, decreased software licensing, less need for equipment maintenance, or fewer requirements for in-house expertise.

But do cloud services actually result in cost savings? The quick answer is, it depends. A number of factors come into play, including the types of cloud services a company uses and from which providers, how well the services are managed by the customer, the terms of the contract, the level of existing IT efficiencies within the organization, and more.

When discussing the benefits of the cloud, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just about cost savings. There are non-monetary reasons to adopt a cloud service, such as increased agility, faster time to market, and lack of in-house resources.

It always seems to start with money, however. Here are four organizations that have actually seen cost benefits from using the cloud, compared with deploying applications and workloads on internal systems.

Avery Dennison: Cloud first approach

Avery Dennison, a global materials science and manufacturing company specializing in labeling and functional materials, has a goal of making IT a core competitive advantage. One of the ways it’s doing this is by building a hybrid cloud environment designed to deliver flexible and cost-efficient tools and services to users.

As part of the strategy, the company has invested in four key cloud-first programs: digital workplace, modern telephony platforms, cloud storage gateway, and secure cloud solutions. “Together, these programs are improving scalability, cycle times, reliability, and security so our workforce can work smarter, faster, and safer,” says Nicholas Colisto, vice president and CIO.

The digital workplace program revamps traditional processes, with the goal of boosting productivity, protecting digital assets, and increasing efficiency, Colisto says. – Read more

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