Best Real Estate Investment Software

best real estate investment software

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With today’s technological advancement, real estate investors can manage and operate their rental homes most professionally and practically. Advanced real estate analysis software solutions that have come about are today’s primary pillars in scaling and growing your rental properties company. 

Some of the things the commercial real estate software solutions can help you achieve in your business include:

  • Management of vendor and rent payments
  • Credit checks, background checks, and processing rental applications
  • Advertising Solutions and offering online listing
  • Identifying the best real estate deals
  • Tracking of the financial status of the real estate portfolio
  • Analyzing potential real estate deals.
Best Real Estate Investment Software

Best Real Estate Investment Software

The ideal real estate investment software for one investor may not be the top option for the other. Investment properties differ so do software solutions. Several solutions are available in the industry, and you need to consider the ideal solution. Let us focus on some of the best real estate investment software.


1. Stessa

Stessa is an affordable and popular cloud-based solution that can simplify the management of your rental property finances. Most property owners use Stessa to maximize profits through automated income and expense tracking, smart money management, and personalized portfolio and property-level reporting.

Stessa is ideal for real estate investors with multiple properties and sophisticated investors with an extensive real estate portfolio of properties.

Stessa is one of the best software, and you can use it to collect your rental income online, even when using a local property manager. The real estate investor software can track and show business and personal expenses that you may not see in your rental property P & L (Profit and Loss Statement).

To start with Stessa, enter your property address, and you will get connected to an all-in-one platform.

Key Benefits of Stessa

  • Stessa enables rental property managers to track key metrics using real-time insights and a visual dashboard. This is crucial in making better business decisions and managing investment outcomes.
  • Automated income and expense tracking solutions help consolidate transactions from banks, loans, and property management accounts.
  • With Stessa, investment managers can keep all their lease, insurance, vendor receipts, purchases, and mortgage documents in one central place organized by property.
  • You can gain access to your property’s portfolio from anywhere.
  • Stay updated with the latest real estate matters and issues related to investors.


Stessa’s pricing is free. Additionally, premium services like mortgage financing and rental comps are absolutely free.


2. Baselane

Baselane is an all-in-one estate investment software that can help you increase returns, save time, and significantly have all your bookkeeping, banking, and rent collection finances in one place.

With Baselane, property managers can automate rent collection, perform bookkeeping tasks, and view detailed analytics and data-driven insights, among several other functions.

Baselane is a highly secure safe software for real estate that encrypts all user information via end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption. The software uses a read-only functionality to prevent hackers from stealing money.

Key Benefits of Baseline

  • Automated analytics and product performance metrics for informed decision making
  • Automated rent collection: Property owners can receive rent directly from the bank through credit/debit card or via bank-to-bank transfer
  • Baselane banking: Allows users to open accounts where they can keep and manage their revenues, savings, and expenses organized and separated.
  • Auto-generated and exportable cash flow statements, including net operating income, scheduled E-report, and operating revenues.


Baselane is completely free without any hidden charges. All their services, from rent collection to banking, are free.

3. RealData

RealData is a downloadable real estate investing software for property developers and investors. The application is excel-based and has Mac and Windows versions optimized for each environment.

The software package provides multiple resources, such as courses, eBooks, and real estate investment analysis videos. The software allows you to evaluate rental properties for their expected value, rental benchmarks, and current or repair value.

The software is generally meant to help investors decide quickly whether a house is worth investing in. Additionally, it includes real estate-related analyzers and calculators to help you enhance your business.

Demonstration and reports are the other two crucial characteristics of RealData. Investors can use the tool to prepare detailed presentations to entice other investors and lenders.

Key Benefits of RealData

  • Complete development and investment analysis: The RealData software has been around for some time and considers all the real estate history when doing analysis. The powerful software applies to robust incomes, projection modules, existing income properties, and partnerships.
  • Available in several configurations: RealData features different investment analysis software solutions. There is software for those who invest in small and residential commercial properties, and there is a configuration for any size and type of property. Additionally, there is software for the developers and holders of the income property, and software bundles range that includes educational video courses and software combinations.
  • Handles resale and cash flow analysis
  • Available for both windows and Mac Operating systems


RealData includes different software products which have different prices. For Example, the REAIA Express Edition is priced at $159, the Schedule software at $395, and REIA Professional Edition for windows at $495 (without limit). 


4. REISkip

REISkip is a skip-tracing real estate software that helps investors, portfolio managers, and other professionals in the industry to find potential and motivated sellers. The datasets from the software are typical and used to contact property owners about selling and buying their properties.

REISkip has several helpful features, such as real-time updates and accurate data tracking. Several successful real estate wholesalers and investors choose REISkip because of its rich feature set, the accuracy of data, and commitment to customer service.

Key Benefits of REISkip

  • Complete control of your leads: REISkip includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionalities that manage leads and lists, integrate third-party data, and track outcomes.
  • Accurate data: REISkip tracing engine has one most powerful tracing abilities that you can compare to FBI agents, private investigators, and elite bondsmen. The tool provides accurate property data that you can count on. 
  • Comprehensive/Deeper data: The software provides complete property information, including demographic data, email addresses, social media profiles, and phone numbers, to help you reach property owners as quickly as possible.
  • Real-time updates: REISkip utilizes advanced data analytics to access, visualize and provide real-time updates. With a new and real-time list of contacts, it’s easier to reach out to the owners interested in selling.


REISkip is relatively affordable and straightforward to use. The software has two pricing plans.

  • Bulk skips: Costs $0.15 per match with a minimum of 50 matches.
  • Volume plan: Costs $0.15 per match with a minimum of 1001 matches
REB Leads

5. REB Leads

REB Leads an online lead management tool for real estate landlords, wholesalers, and home flippers. The software offers highly converting seller leads at price-friendly rates.

The real estate software operates on a subscription basis, and the number of subscribers is limited to 100.

Key Benefits of REB Leads

  •  24/7 email support
  • You gain access to inner group circles on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Access to 20 highly motivated seller leads monthly
  • Free PR (Public Relations) program that helps you get mentions in popular media publications.


REB Leads has a two-tier subscription plan:

  • 12-month subscription plan at $247 per month
  • 6-month subscription plan at $ 397 per month

In the case of bad leads, REB leads refund policy allows compensation. 


6. SyndicationPro

SyndicationPro is an all-in-one software that provides investment and investment management. The tool helps syndicators to access real estate investors and investors to get syndication deals.

SyndicationPro is primarily built for investors and uses the ACH (Automated Clearing House network) payment method to disburse investor earnings. In addition, the software includes an SEC-compliant CRM often used for real estate syndications.

Key Benefits of SyndicationPro

  •  Investor CRM: SyndicationPro offers a detailed CRM where you can view the list of investors, investments, reservations, and your notes. The features are centrally located and can be accessed with just a few clicks.
  • Investor portal: The portal allows investors to view their essential documents and portfolio and can invest in multiple accounts. Significantly, they also access information about their earnings and investments through the portal.
  • Automated fundraising: You can easily find serious investors through the syndication software and quickly move forward to the next step.


SyndicationPro software does not have any pricing for its services. However, users can request quotations based on their specific properties.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Real estate analysis software plays a critical role in the rental property industry. Investors can use them in analyzing real estate investments, checking vital financial metrics, maintaining request tracking, investment management, data management, lease analysis, and tracking income and location risk analysis. A good real estate software should be versatile enough to handle multifamily properties, single-family homes, and short-term rentals. Having the best software will largely boost your real estate investments.

While there are several software solutions to choose from, concentrate on finding one that suits your real estate investing business, you can be surprised that the best real estate software for you is entirely free. 

Discover the best software tools for your business!