Are Your Current Marketing Communications Striking the Right Tone?

As the pandemic continues, business owners and sellers alike have cycled through periods of uncertainty, anxiety, and acceptance of the new normal. This period of highs and lows has changed the way people connect with one another. For sellers, this means striking a careful balance with their tone and messaging to customers. Businesses have to walk the line between acknowledging the current challenges of the COVID-19 crisis while avoiding fear-mongering language.

While we are not yet back to business as usual, there are some ways to craft your messaging that encourages customers to engage with your business.

The Challenge of Finding the Right Tone

When COVID-19 first became categorized as a global pandemic, brand communications struck a uniformly earnest note with concern for businesses, messages of hope and encouragement, and thanks to our frontline heroes. But as conditions improved, brands needed to update their messages. A recent Market Dive study found that aAs early as May, more than 40% of consumers said they were ready to hear from brands about topics that weren’t related to the pandemic.

If you’re unsure of the right tone, you can’t go wrong with empathy, which a recent study from Ipsos one survey finds is more important than ever. ItThe study further revealed that the top three ways that consumers expect brands to express empathy are through being supportive, hopeful, and comforting. The bottom three ways were amusing, humorous, and emotional. And take note that nearly 70% said that brands’ response during this pandemic would impact future engagement.

If your tone is off, you obscure the message. The key is to examine the nuances of your messaging and if it will elicit the response you intend. Learn more about finding the right tone for your communications in Square’s Voice and Tone guide.

Marketing Communications vs. Crisis Communication

Many brands have increased the cadence and frequency of their customer communications as there are so many audiences who need to hear from them, all of whom may require subtle nuances in voice and tone. – Read more

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