Are you ready for private cloud?

Are you wondering what a private cloud server is? Confused as to the difference between private cloud computing and public cloud hosting, and unsure which solution will suit you?

Cloud computing has benefits for many companies, but it is easy for those considering adopting the cloud to get confused with different offerings available. We want to help you choose the right solution for your business by giving you a breakdown of the different options, starting with private cloud solutions.

Private cloud servers are for the sole use of the business purchasing the platform. The private cloud solution will consist of redundant switches, firewalls, servers (nodes), and SAN storage. The main benefits for purchasing this type of solution are:

Complete control

You can have complete control of the infrastructure and virtual servers, giving you the ability to design the platform to your precise needs and you can create virtual servers as you wish.


Companies need to invest in a hosting solution that can grow with them. As your business grows, your private cloud requirements will too. It’s important that you scale up these resources without disruption to you. Similarly, if you require less from your virtual private cloud, you need the ability to scale back on its resources to cut costs. 

With a private cloud you will have access to an easy to use GUI (Graphical user interface), to manage the server requires, create and delete server, and overall server management.


Your private cloud needs to operate 24/7, this is where managed services can help. With a private cloud, your services are constantly running and your managed hosting provider fixes any problems that arise within the infrastructure, without disrupting your business. – Read more

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