Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Business?

We all know that bad habits are tough to break, especially in manufacturing. What you won’t do is as important was what you do. One thing that great manufacturers do is take note of what gets in the way of their success and make the effort to stop doing it and correct their processes.

Global Shop Solutions asked some of its best manufacturing customers to reveal the bad habits they stopped doing that were hurting their businesses. Surprisingly, many of them were quite similar and so compelling that they put the 10 most common into a whitepaper. 

What The 10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do whitepaper does:

  • Reveals the “10 things” in detail. You’ll know right away if any of the 10 most common bad habits are slowing your manufacturing down.
  • Uncovers the negative impact of the “10 things.” You’ll learn how these common habits negatively impact a shop floor so you can act fast.
  • Provides customer examples of how to correct the “10 things.” Learn how other manufacturers acted to break bad habits and simplify their manufacturing.

Curious? Take a peek at reason number 1.

Great manufacturers don’t rely on manual processes.

Manual processes act like anchors on your business, slowing down your production times and increasing the chance for error. Not that long ago, you couldn’t get by without manual processes or spreadsheets. Now you can – when you automate. Check out some of the advantages of automating your processes:

  1. Eliminate waste by automating your inventory processes
  2. Reduce turnaround time
  3. Future-proof your business with the ability to forecast industry trends

“We used to manually trace everything throughout the plant. Now, Global Shop Solutions does it automatically. It gives us our costs quickly and efficiently, so that we can monitor runs when the material costs fluctuate rapidly, which they often do in today’s markets.”

Bo Adams, Vice President at C.E. Smith Company, Inc.

Keep reading and learn all 10 Things.

Download the 10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do whitepaper today to learn all 10 of the most common bad habits manufactures make on their shop floors and how they reversed those habits and simplified their business.

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