Ability to rapidly launch new products and services ranks high as a cloud benefit

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My Post - 2019-08-02T151025.928.pngSecurity, backup and , geographic location of cloud  centres and compliance requirements emerged as important elements of a cloud strategy.

This is according to a recent Cloud Adoption Survey conducted by ITWeb in partnership with data solutions leader, Pure Storage.

Cloud is mission critical for organisations

Moving mission-critical apps to the cloud can be a complex process, as organisations need to address challenges around , data management, and performance.

An overwhelming majority of survey respondents (80%) said they consider the applications they are using in the cloud to be mission-critical for their business, while 12% did not consider them so.

The top three types of business applications being used (or planned to use in future) in the cloud are software development (59%), office productivity tools (58%), and internal enterprise applications (58%).

When it comes to backup and recovery solutions, cloud managed back-ups enables the secure, automated backup and recovery of critical information stored on servers or corporate devices. A vast majority (70%) have considered cloud as a long-term home for their backup data; while only 13% are unsure.


While many cloud service providers implement good security standards and industry certifications, the survey reveals that local executives still hold a perception that cloud data is inherently less secure than data that is housed on-premises.

Other areas of concern were cloud provider lock-in (43%), performance concerns (37%) and integration with existing systems (36%).

According to IDC, cloud adoption is accelerating faster than previously anticipated in SA, with 65% of local CIOs planning to invest in public and private cloud. The fastest-growing market segment is forecast to be cloud system infrastructure services, or infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

While cloud computing offers many benefits for organisations, including a reduction in hardware costs, according to the Pure Storage study, almost a third (29%) of the survey respondents cited cost and lack of return on investment as additional barriers to cloud adoption. – Read more

Table of Contents