A Guide To Manage Your Remote Employees

My Post (13).pngThe COVID-19 pandemic has completely limited our workspace to our homes. Globally, managers and leaders are suddenly finding themselves managing remote teams who are working from locations all over the world. This has created challenges for managers, including those from the HR industry. In this article, we have shared some tips on how to manage your remote team.

Setting Up Remote Work Space

Whenever a new employee joins the organization, the manager works on setting up the workspace, which includes assigning desks, providing laptops or desktops, and other important job-oriented necessities. Similarly, when employees are working from home, they need proper tools and applications to make their work easy. Employees should be able to collaborate and interact with each other easily with the help of these tools. Some of the tools which employees can be given access to, are:

  • Engagedly: A real time performance management software to manage goals, performance reviews, rewards and recognition, and feedback
  • Slack / Zoom / Google Meet: To communicate with each other easily
  • Trello / Basecamp / Asana: For project management

These tools will help in improving employee engagement and productivity for remote employees.

Frequent One-on-Ones

Ensure to engage with your remote employees on a daily or weekly basis. Use emails, Instant Messaging, or Video Conferencing tools to communicate with your employees. As a manager, interact with them to know whether they need any support with their remote working. Keep them informed with all the rules and policy changes of the organization.

Video Conferencing

Conduct your weekly team meetings face-to-face over video conferencing tools, instead of conducting it over a call. As per the Harvard Business Review, when employees connect over a video conference, they feel more engaged and motivated. It sets a personal connection with the teammates, and everyone gets an in-office feeling, although working remotely. Tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, or Skype can be used for the meetings.

Recognize Success

Employee reward and recognition helps in improving employee engagement, productivity, and lowers the turnover rate. With everyone working from home, it is very common for employees to feel disengaged from time to time. As a manager of a remote team, appreciate and recognize your remote employees whenever possible. It is the best way to keep them engaged and motivated. Since traditional appreciation methods are ineffective in the present circumstances, you can do the following instead: – Read more

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