A better caller experience: How to talk to your customers in the cloud

Doing business in today’s climate of hybrid work environments, caller expectations for instant gratification, and the need for businesses to scale or pivot quickly reinforces just how valuable a cloud-based phone system can be for business continuity and to your caller experience.

Take COVID, for example. In the early days of the pandemic, without warning things like business hours, physical operations, and the ability to serve customers rapidly changed. Businesses that had previously adopted a cloud-first approach to communications were able to adapt quickly and use their phone system to communicate fluid changes with their callers. Those who hadn’t found that they lacked a critical piece of their business continuity strategy—a reality for an estimated 51% of businesses around the world.

When you need to communicate high-priority information to your callers, today’s cloud phone systems’ flexibility and power lie in its integrated message capabilities—greetings, announcements, prompts, and messages on hold. Here’s how you can leverage these capabilities to share critical information at scale and integrate them into your business communication strategy.

Greetings and announcements: provide a consistent caller experience
Your phone system greeting is the first thing callers hear. It allows businesses to provide a consistent caller experience and set the tone for the rest of the call. Professionally recorded greetings also provide clarity and consistency throughout every call.

Use greetings and announcements to communicate important information up front. For example, during the Coronavirus pandemic, a restaurant that closed their dining room but is still offering to-go orders through curbside pick-up could share this helpful information in their greeting. A doctor’s office or pharmacy that breaks for lunch can let callers know when they’re unavailable and when they will return. Banks offering PPE loans or pharmacies offering COVID testing may have experienced higher call volumes for these services. Instead of answering every call and repeating information, they can use greetings to direct callers to other sources of information, such as an automated announcement or a web page.

Any information that you repeat over and over with multiple callers is a good candidate for greetings and announcements. Sharing essential details early can help to reduce wait times, provide information around the clock, and reduce the load on your staff. – Read more

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