9 Sales Tactics That Will Help You Exceed Your Quota

My Post (22).pngAt the start of your sales career, it’s easy to let ambition take the wheel. Discipline and skill are important, but you focus on doing whatever it takes to convert leads. You’re so eager to close the sale that you can exhaust yourself chasing a promising lead. Introductory training programs and shadowing sessions will give you insights into how experienced reps sell. Along with that education, however, you need to learn more strategy and sales tactics in order to consistently bring in new accounts.

For those who have already established their sales careers, they see how fast the market is changing. The needs and expectations from buyers change rapidly based on a number of factors, including their company’s health and the strength of the economy. Operating with the buyer in mind takes salespeople back to the basics of building relationships and creating win-win situations.

Below, we list nine of the best sales tactics to help you manage fruitful customer relationships and sell more effectively. For more advice for sales leaders on growing revenue, check out our guide: 5 Sales Strategies to Fuel Recovery and Revenue Growth.

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1. Follow through on your commitments

Stay true to your word. Whenever you outline next steps in the conversation, as well as discuss the deliverables you promise to provide, make sure to live up to that expectation.

In cases when you see that a deliverable may be delayed, proactively notify the customer with an email, a call, or a text message. That way they know you’re working on it and respect their time enough to let them know.

When you stay consistent in following through on your commitments and keeping lines of communication open, clients tend to trust you more because you’re a reliable partner.

2. Take advantage of customer referrals

The most opportune time to request a customer referral is after your client has generated a meaningful return on investment from their relationship with your company.

To determine this, periodically ping them to see how they’re enjoying the experience so far. Uncover the reasons why they love your product and identify any opportunities for improvement.

Once you gauge their overall satisfaction with the product or service, ask if they know of other businesses that would also benefit from your solutions. If needed, offer a referral bonus as an added incentive. When you’re patient about asking for referrals, you demonstrate to customers that you’re first invested in their success. Then you can seek out ways in which they can help you hit more of your sales goals.

3. Actively listen to what customers do and don’t say

Most salespeople listen to exactly what their customers say in order to identify expressed needs. This isn’t a sales tactic, but just a part of what’s required to do the job well.

Highly skilled reps, on the other hand, actively listen, but also work hard to read between the lines to uncover any latent needs. A good sales tactic is to ask questions throughout the conversation. Salespeople should relay their understanding of the situation in order to see if they’ve fully grasped the client’s challenges, or if they need further clarifying details.

This enables you to suss out more information so that you can find different ways your product or service can help fill gaps in their operations. When you have a complete picture of your customer’s expressed and latent needs, you can tailor your sales pitch. – Read more

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