8 Reasons Why You Need Professional Email Hosting

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If you are still using Gmail, Yahoo or similar services as your business email, it’s time to think again. Professional email hosting, together with your own, unique email address can do wonders for your business. Here, are eight reasons why you need professional email.

1. Trust

If someone receives an email from a business, they expect it to have a business domain name in the address. If it comes from a different domain, people can become suspicious about whether it’s a genuine email or from a scammer. Anyone can set up a ‘mybusiness@gmail.com’ email address, but to have a ‘me@mybusiness.com’ address, you have to register the ‘mybusiness.com’ domain name first and that helps users trust the sender more.

Indeed, it’s not just people who are suspicious. Spam filters that use advanced algorithms to seek our potentially fake business emails may even prevent your messages from being delivered.

2. Professionalism

Shifting from a free Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo email to a domain-based email also speaks volumes about the professionalism of your business. It tells potential customers that you are not doing things on the cheap and have invested in establishing your business brand. It shows you are a company that does things seriously, in a business-minded way.  Which email address do you think customers would take more seriously: ‘john2w673@yahoo.com’ or ‘john@mybusiness.com’?

3. Reputation

In today’s competitive market, the reputation of your brand is vital to the success of your business. Purchasing your own domain name prevents others from using it and thus protects the reputation of your brand. At the same time, every time you send an email, your brand and all it stands for is displayed in the email address.

4. All the email addresses you need

With professional email hosting, you can set up multiple email addresses to allow your business and those within it to communicate easily and effectively. You can have individual addresses for every member of your team, department addresses (e.g., sales@), short term addresses for specific events (special-offer2021@) and even Do Not Reply addresses for automated email campaigns (do_not_reply@).

5. Control over your communications

Professional email hosting makes it easy to take control of your email communications. You can create new and delete old email accounts, set up email forwarding, autoresponders, create tasks, individual and shared calendars and contact lists all from within an easy-to-use dashboard. You can also access your email on a browser via webmail or through an app like Outlook.

6. Cut out spam and malware

With an advanced spam filter, like SpamExperts, included in your email hosting plan, you can help boost the security of your company. SpamExperts not only cuts out 99.98% of all spam emails; it also prevents malware, ransomware, phishing and emails with spurious links landing in your inbox. With this type of cyberattack becoming more prevalent, professional email hosting can reduce the potential for your systems to get infected or your company to get hacked or defrauded. – Read More

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Table of Contents