8 Agenda Items for a Successful Sales Kickoff in 2020

My Post - 2020-03-03T160316.968.pngEach year, selling becomes more complex. Business buyers are more empowered with every click, as AI and emerging technologies power new parts of the sales cycle.

Sales reps have to find clarity amid all the noise. That’s why a sales kickoff (SKO) is critical for sales teams to celebrate the previous year’s wins, share goals for the upcoming year, and align on key initiatives.

Previously, we shared tips to plan the ultimate sales kickoff – from the invite list to post-event learning. Now we’ll cover how to craft the ideal SKO agenda for 2020. Consider these must-haves as you plan your event.

Looking for even more tools to plan your SKO? Check out our interactive sales kickoff guide.

SKO agenda basics

Setting the agenda is the most important part of planning your SKO. You can invite the right people and plan the perfect party, but if no one takes away anything valuable, what was the point?

When sales leaders at Salesforce plan a SKO agenda, we focus on achieving four things:

  • Staying true to our goals (see our previous post)
  • Creating a balance between product enablement, selling skills, and customer acumen
  • Inspiring with energy and motivation
  • Encouraging participation and peer networking

Start by brainstorming what you need sales teams to remember weeks and months after the event, and go from there.

Next, let’s get into eight agenda items for a successful sales kickoff.

Sales kickoff agenda item #1: Inspirational keynote

Every sales kickoff worth its salt starts with an inspirational keynote. Use this first session to get everyone pumped to be a part of the team and company. When everyone’s motivated to sell together, aspirational goals feel much more attainable. Lean into that excitement on day one with a dynamic speaker (or two).

Don’t be afraid to bring in an outside speaker. At Salesforce, we’ve found fresh perspectives can have a big impact. – Read more

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