7 Ways to Help Your Online Store Sell More

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Getting lots of visitors but still not selling enough products? It’s a common problem faced by many retail websites, but there are things you can do to increase the number of sales you make. Here, we examine seven important things you can do to help your online store sell more.

1. Install product search tools

Modern consumers want convenience, so if your website makes finding a product a chore, they are more likely to give up and look elsewhere. To overcome this and increase your chance of selling, you need to make it quick and easy for them.

While having a well-structured website with great menus is the first step, convenience comes from installing product search tools. The most important is the search bar, where users can type in the product they are looking for and see the results displayed in front of them. For added convenience, especially if you have a lot of products, you can add a product filter to your results page. This will enable users to narrow down their selection using a range of criteria, e.g., price, size, colour, condition, etc.

By making it easy to find and add products to their basket, you automatically boost the chance of a customer making a purchase.

2. Detailed product descriptions

Some product descriptions are so vague, they do not give people all the information they need to make a purchase. How detailed do they need to be? That all depends upon the kinds of questions people might need the answers to before they are convinced to buy the product. To get it right, you need to put yourself in the mind of the person looking at the product. Think about the questions they would ask and then answer those in the description or make sure the information is in the specification.

This is a much more user-friendly approach than simply using what the manufacturer has given you or following other websites that write very little. Remember, if other sites are vague and yours is the site that provides the right answers, customers will be more inclined to buy from you. 

3. Visual imagery that answers questions

While many websites understand the need for using high-quality images that present products in tempting ways, this is not always enough to guarantee a sale. A photo of a model wearing the latest jumper may give the right impression, but can the user see what the jumper looks like from the back and sides? Are they able to zoom in to see the buttons, fabric weave or detailing around the neck and cuffs?

Good visual imagery covers all these angles. However, today, many websites are going further. Retailers of electrical goods, for example, are providing videos that give us a tour of the product and its features, while clothing, eyewear and furniture brands are using augmented reality so customers can see what products look like being worn or in their homes.

Of course, not only do these things help you sell more; they also help cut down the number of products that get returned.    – Read more

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Table of Contents