7 Tips to Prepare for Your Board’s Next Zoom Meeting

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As the virtual meeting era evolves, we’re learning best practices on the fly. Your board can get ahead by putting these 7 suggestions into practice.

“Carl, you’re muted.”

We all remember the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world quickly pivoted to virtual meetings to keep businesses running as stay-at-home orders were enacted. 

For many boards, it meant adopting new technology, notably the videoconferencing platform, Zoom. With anything new comes a learning curve, and those early meetings often resulted in plenty of user-error and unexpected surprises. Participants struggled to turn on their microphones and cameras, while pets and children made unexpected cameos in all sorts of important business meetings.

What seemed like a short-term solution is now a permanent fixture of daily life. Even if you feel confident using Zoom, think about how you can enhance your sound and lighting, personalize your background, and implement other tips to make your next Zoom board meeting go off without a hitch.

1. Curate Your Background

Your Zoom background says a lot about you, so think of ways to let your personality shine. You can strategically place a piece of art or hang family photos, showcase a unique hobby, or highlight a favorite cause. Use a bookcase in the room to display some of your favorite books or authors. Even applying a fresh coat of paint or adding pops of accent color can make a tremendous difference. 

It’s not about competing for an appearance on Room Rater, but “staging” your background with some personal artifacts goes a long way toward providing a more professional and polished image. – Read more

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Table of Contents

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