7 Things Customers Want From a Website

As websites evolve and become more sophisticated, consumer expectations about them increase. In order to remain competitive and stay relevant, businesses need to regularly improve their websites to meet those expectations. Here we look at seven things that today’s online shoppers want from a website. 

1. Customer reviews and ratings

Over 90% of online shoppers say they have used reviews and ratings to help them decide whether to purchase a product online. The majority of consumers now do this as a matter of course and for this reason, many choose only to buy from websites that provide product reviews.

Product reviews are important not just because they offer customer feedback, but because they tell potential customers that a business is transparent about its products, warts and all, and has nothing to hide. In this way, they are as useful for creating trust in the business as they are in helping customers find the right product.

2. Remembering the customer

Customers like websites that remember who they are. The use of user accounts, personal data and purchasing histories enables individuals to have customised homepages with personalised product recommendations. These sites remember who customers are, show them things they’ve recently bought or browsed and use data to make suggestions. At the same time, they provide offers the customer finds genuinely useful.

3. Everything is easy to find

Customers expect websites to have clear and easy navigation so that nothing is hard to find or more than a few clicks away. This applies to every aspect of the website, including account management, customer service and products.

When it comes to finding products, visitors expect well-designed menus and search bars. On larger sites with lots of products, they also expect to be able to filter their search results, for example, by price, brand, colour or size. These features are easy to implement and can often be added simply by installing a suitable plugin.  – Read more

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