7 Secret Ways To Improve Your Online Shop

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While there are improvement tweaks and must-have website features that most online shop owners are aware of, there are some less well-known ways to improve your store that can also be of considerable benefit, helping you improve trust, SEO, user experience and, ultimately, sales. Here, we offer seven secret tips to improve your online shop.

  1. Always visible shopping cart
    Your shopping cart is the most important feature on your website: its where you want all your visitors to go and without it, you wouldn’t be able to make a sale. However, if it is difficult to find, even those who have added products to it and want to make a purchase might not be able to. As a result, you could lose sale after sale. For this reason, use an easily recognisable shopping cart icon and make sure it is always visible, preferably where people expect to find it, at the top, right-hand side of the web page. Additionally, always display the number of products added to the cart; people can often forget if they have added something and if they leave without checking, it’s another lost sale.
  2. Shopping cart cookie life
    Consumers can find it difficult to make decisions and one common behaviour trait is for them to add a product to a shopping cart and then leave the site to look elsewhere. They may or may not come back to complete the purchase and if they do, it may take a while. If the cookie expiration time for your shopping cart is short, the chances are, that when the customer returns for a second look, they’ll have to search for the product again from scratch. If you have a longer cookie-life, the product they added might still be in the cart, enabling them to quickly find and buy it. This user-friendly approach can increase the likelihood of a returning visitor making a purchase.
  3. Adding content to your category pages
    Category pages on most eCommerce websites tend to be little more than a portfolio of products all linking to individual products pages. While this is fine for the shoppers who are already on the page, it does little for the page’s SEO and nothing to help searchers in the wild find your web page.

With the strategic naming of your category page and a little introductory content, with the main keywords embedded, search engines can better understand the subject matter of the category page and this can help it rank better in search results. Carefully worded, it can also help people on the page appreciate your products even better.

  1. SSL certificate
    Available from your web host, an SSL certificate encrypts data sent between the user’s browser and your website so that it cannot be stolen. Importantly, having one means that the browser will display the padlock icon in the address bar, showing visitors that your site is secure and that shopping with you is safe to do. This is vital for ensuring trust in your business and for giving customers the confidence to provide the personal and financial details needed to make a purchase. Some payment gateways may not let you use their services unless an SSL certificate is already installed. – Read more

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Table of Contents