6 ways AI impacts the modern contact center

Ensuring excellent customer experience, optimizing agent activity, and saving money are top of mind for contact center managers, and artificial intelligence (AI) can help you achieve them all.

The modern contact center no longer relies solely on live agents to answer questions or handle concerns. Instead, it has evolved to incorporate the latest technology to enhance customer satisfaction and scale back on costs. AI is emerging as a key tool in this.

What Is AI?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that involves the use of machines and computers capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Machine learning (ML), in particular, is a subset of AI in which algorithms can actually “learn” over time with exposure to deep datasets in much the same way the human brain does.

AI and ML can be incorporated into contact center operations to improve workflows. By collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, AI can help you automate processes, improve customer experience, and streamline the job of agents.

Here are some ways AI makes an impact in today’s contact centers.

  1. Support agents
    Using AI in parallel with contact center agents increases efficiency and productivity. For example, AI can quickly search through a knowledge base while an agent is talking with a customer and present answers to the agent. Once the agent reviews those suggestions, the agent can quickly relay the pertinent information to the customer.

AI can also smooth communication between agents and customers on other channels such as emails or chat sessions. Using natural language processing, AI can quickly decipher the meaning in context, giving the agent a leg up for handling the situation quickly and effectively.

  1. Optimize routing of interactions
    AI can improve how contact centers route interactions to agents. For starters, the technology can assist in accessing a large database of customer data. That way, inbound caller profiles are built and appropriately paired with agents who have some level of experience and success dealing with customers with that specific profile.

By routing interactions based on customer profiles, contact centers can level up the personalization of customer interactions.

  1. Implement virtual assistants
    Agent compensation is the largest expense of running the typical contact center. The use of chatbots and virtual assistants can help mitigate these costs, freeing agents to work on value-added tasks.

The use of chat boxes and bots can serve as the first line of interaction between a customer and a contact center. Customers are offered a few menu options and input their needs, and an AI bot will provide an instant automated response based on specific algorithms. Through the use of keyword recognition, the bot can understand the customer’s query and respond appropriately.

In many cases, a customer’s interaction with a contact center can begin and end with a chat box and bot that may help answer all questions and even facilitate an end result, such as processing payments, handling claim statuses, rescheduling appointments, or resetting passwords.

Highly advanced bots can support both voice and text and even engage in a conversation through the use of speech and text recognition. – Read more

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