6 Security Questions Every Website Owner Needs to Ask

Websites are valuable targets for cybercriminals and attacks are becoming more frequent, varied and sophisticated. And with 60% of victims going out of business within six months of an attack, keeping your website secure is essential. To help, here are some important questions you need to ask about your website’s security.

How strong are your login credentials?
Brute force software that uses databases of stolen login credentials is widely and cheaply available on the dark web. This makes it easy for cybercriminal gangs to get their hands on it. Highly sophisticated and, in some cases, AI-enhanced, it can crack weak usernames and passwords in seconds. The stronger your login credentials, the less chance a hacker will be able to gain access to your website and all your data. Make sure you use strong passwords and never use the same password for any two accounts. For even greater protection, use two-factor authentication.

Have you installed an SSL certificate?
If your website accepts online payments or collects customer data, the information people send to your website is vulnerable to interception as it travels across the internet between their browser and your server. If this happens, it can result in legal claims and damage trust in your company. By installing an SSL certificate, that data is strongly encrypted, ensuring that even if it was intercepted, no one could access the actual information. If you have an SSL certificate, browsers also label your site as secure with the padlock icon, increasing customer confidence to shop with you.

Do you back up your website?
If malware, ransomware or a hacking attack resulted in a loss of your website software, content and data, how quickly or easily could you restore it and get your business up and running again? Starting from scratch is, for most companies, the chief reason why suffering an attack puts them out of business.

At WHUK, many of our plans now come with free daily backups of your website included. For those that need more frequent backups to ensure business continuity, our Website and Server Backup Plans back up at the frequency you need, encrypt backups for you and test them for integrity so that you’ll know they will work if you need them.

How secure is your hosting?

For the additional security of CMS sites, like WordPress, we also offer the Patchman Website Security tool that automatically installs security patches and quarantines infections. – Read More



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