6 reasons why you should integrate ecommerce with your POS system

It’s no surprise that 2021 was a record year for ecommerce sales globally. There has been an upward trend in ecommerce growth since 2012.

With ecommerce becoming the future of the retail industry, it’s crucial that businesses offer the ability for customers to buy online.

However, the high street shopping experience is still important with nearly 80% of shoppers saying they prefer to go in-store to buy an item and 61% preferring to shop with brands that have both a physical and online store.

What does this mean for small retailers? Creating an integrated ecommerce store with your in-store experience is vital for your business to grow and thrive.

Thankfully creating an ecommerce store has never been easier with tools like Shopify allowing businesses of any size to get online.

In this article, we look at 6 reasons why integrating your point of sale with your ecommerce store is important.

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6 reasons why you should integrate ecommerce with your POS system

It’s pretty straightforward, it simplifies your business and reporting, and allows you to manage everything via one system.

Here are 6 key reasons why integrating ecommerce with your POS system is important.

1. Make Omnichannel sales

The most obvious reason why any business would integrate an ecommerce platform into their business is the opportunity to increase your sales channels.

Rather than having one location where shoppers can browse your products and buy, they have the opportunity to shop with you at any time.

With an integrated ecommerce platform you can literally make sales in your sleep.

The biggest advantage of having an integrated ecommerce and POS system is that it allows you to sell with the confidence that your inventory and sales are accounted for across both platforms, saving you wasted hours of administrative work.

2. Consolidated sales reports

By integrating your POS system with your ecommerce store you can consolidate all your reporting into one more powerful sales report, enabling you to operate more strategically.

You will have a better idea of your best sellers across all platforms, what products are performing well on what channels and importantly where there could be a potential shortage due to increased demand.

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3. Greater stock visibility

When operating separate sales channels it can be easy to lose track of your inventory levels and be at risk of overselling online when items have actually sold out in-store.

Not only is this a poor customer experience but creates a tiresome cycle of administrative tasks and manual stocktakes that slows down your operations. An integrated ecommerce and POS system will prevent this and it will increase the visibility of your stock levels.

Use automation with the likes of Shopify or AirPOS to notify you when stock is getting low so you always have stock when you need it, saving you time and simplifying your workload.

4. Grow your audience

With an ecommerce platform, you will be able to open your business up to a wider audience nationally or globally.

Omnichannel also increases the likelihood of customers coming across your brand and shopping with you.

Interestingly, industry research shows that those businesses that invest in omnichannel sales retain an average of 89% of their customer base compared to the 33% retained by a single sales channel.

You can also grow a marketing audience by collecting website user information, this is great when you want to launch new products, sales etc. and it allows you to increase sales.

5. Get customer insights

Integrated ecommerce is the ultimate way to find out more about your customer’s buying habits. What products do they like and those they don’t, are there certain products they’d prefer to buy in-store rather than online?

You can use your omnichannel reporting to drill into your customer data and create a shopping experience that you know they’ll love and be loyal to.

You can also create customer accounts that track everything your customers buy, and you can use this data to encourage them to purchase things that are a good fit for them, helping increase sales further.

Click and collect

Click and collect

6. Improve your customer experience

With an integrated ecommerce system you maximise customer satisfaction better than ever before.

With access to their data, you can create unique loyalty programs that you know they’ll love and even encourage those who only shop online to visit your physical store.

Give customers the flexibility to buy online, or in-store.

Click and collect serves to bridge the gap between online selling and in-store pickup.

With an integrated system you can offer a simple way to click and collect from you, not only does this benefit your customers, a recent study found that 35% of shoppers who pick up an online order in a shop will make additional purchases on collection.

Want to learn more, check out the full blog on why retailers need to integrate Shopify and POS systems here.

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