6 questions to ask before choosing a SaaS or hybrid cloud VoIP system

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Before choosing a SaaS or hybrid cloud VoIP vendor, it’s important for organizations to create a list of must-have features that can be used to narrow down their selection criteria.

Cloud-first is the idea that if an app, service or piece of digital information can live in the public cloud, it should live there.

Business leaders love the cloud because it has low upfront costs, services can scale up or down as needed, and it requires fewer dedicated resources to set up and maintain. Organizations with a cloud-first mentality may benefit from implementing a full SaaS or hybrid cloud voice over IP, or VoIP, system.

But because numerous SaaS or hybrid VoIP platforms are available, it’s important for organizations to know what questions they should ask. The answers to the following questions can help them develop a list of must-have features they can use to narrow their search.

1. Can any of the current VoIP platform components be reused?

If a company is planning to migrate off a legacy, on-premises VoIP platform, it’s important to review the existing system to see if any components can be reused for the new VoIP system. For SaaS and hybrid deployments, the only parts of a legacy telephony platform that could possibly be reused are unified communications (UC) endpoints, including desk phones, conference phones and video conferencing equipment.

Repurposing fully compatible endpoints on a SaaS platform can save companies a considerable amount of money. Some vendors even offer a list of compatible and incompatible devices for their SaaS platforms. – Read more

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