6 Important Benefits of Private Cloud

As organisations increasingly rely on data-driven decision making, the cloud has become the ideal place to store and process all their data. However, there are a number of options businesses have when it comes to the cloud: these are the public cloud, the private cloud and even a combination of the two, known as the hybrid cloud. In this post, we’ll focus on the private cloud and look at some of the benefits it offers to organisations.

What is the private cloud?

The terms public cloud and private cloud describe how the cloud infrastructure is used. In the public cloud, the virtual servers of individual organisations are hosted on the vast data centre infrastructures of their providers. This multi-tenancy sharing of resources gives the provider the ability to offer customers the unlimited scalability that many of them demand.  

Private cloud still offers the benefits of cloud hosting, including on-demand scalability, but rather than the organisation having its servers hosted on shared infrastructure, it has the private, single-tenancy use of its own hardware.

The benefits of private cloud

1. Compliance

As private cloud infrastructure is solely for the use of a single customer, one of its most important benefits is helping organisations achieve compliance with data privacy regulations. Although the public cloud is a highly secure environment in its own right, the single tenancy of the private cloud makes it ideal for organisations that collect, store and process personal and sensitive data. Its isolation from other users gives assurance that threats that affect other tenants in a public cloud environment cannot impact their own security.

Additionally, the private cloud gives greater leeway for companies to deploy their cloud infrastructure in line with their own access-control and retention policies, giving them increased control over their data.

2. Affordability

While the nature of the private cloud means it is generally more expensive to use than the public cloud, organisations still benefit from the fact that a hosted private cloud is significantly less expensive than creating one in-house. The heavy capital investment needed to build and run an on-site, private cloud datacentre isn’t needed in a hosted environment. As the vendor provides all the necessary infrastructure, organisations are left with a more manageable monthly fee for the service. This can work out far less costly. – Read more

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