6 ERP Software Basics Your Job Shop Needs

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Choosing the right ERP software should maximize the efficiency and productivity of every functional area of your business. In a crowded ERP solution marketplace with confusing messages, it takes a methodical approach to match the right solution to your business. This involves clearly defining your purpose, assessing your business requirements, and having qualitative and quantitative objectives. It requires an understanding of the baseline technologies you will need to make your investment worthwhile, the common functional components every ERP should include, and the specialty functions and integrations your job shop needs to consider. 

To clear the deck of solutions that you should not consider, we begin with the functional requirements for every manufacturer. Any vendor who can’t provide the below should be scratched off your list. 

ERP software basic #1: Single point of data truth 

manufacturer using ERP software

Modern systems are integrated, seamless solutions that enable all functional areas of your business to work from the same continually updated data. Your ERP solution must do this to be a centralized business management platform. 

ERP software basic #2: Centralized and integrated 

The best ERP software offers seamlessly integrated modules that enable users to manage grouped tasks and provide all the information needed for each operation in the same part of the system. This integration of modules allows users to easily work between parts of the system without jumping from one software application to another. 

ERP software basic #3: Cloud-based

Cloud-based ERP architecture provides several critical benefits for manufacturers. Economies of scale provide enterprise-grade compliance, security, data backup, and support scaled to the budgets of job shops. It also allows access to the system anytime, anywhere, and can work in the office, at home, or on the road. This remote infrastructure reduces IT costs and overall operational expenses for greater cash flow.  – Read More

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Table of Contents