5 Tools You Need to Become Remote-Work-Ready

My Post (12)Have you been asked to suddenly work from home?

For many of us, that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. But finding yourself with the same projects and responsibilities, only sans team, can make maintaining your momentum harder than you think.

Organizing your virtual workspace is the best way to start. You can think of monday.com as your Work OS, housing all of your company’s workflows, projects, and communication. But like any OS, there are other collaboration tools, that, in addition to monday.com, can really help you work remotely, better.

We’ve put together our 5 must-have programs that can get you performing as usual, right away. They will help ensure you don’t lose any of the value you’re accustomed to getting from your team (but you can still wear your pajamas—no one will know).

Before installing anything, align on communication

Getting everyone on the same page while in an office is hard enough. But when you can’t quickly schedule an in-person sync, staying aligned is a much larger challenge.

It’s important to establish guidelines for how to communicate and what updates you’ll share with the team.

How to communicate

To make sure information isn’t lost, establish a regular cadence of updates— whether it’s a quick morning call to sync or a shared space to log updates. It’s important to find something that can integrate into your schedule easily and works for everyone on your team.

What to communicate

If you’re a manager, you can let everyone on your team know that you would like a summary of the progress from the day before, with goals for the upcoming day. As an employee, it will be helpful to gather questions or outstanding items that can be handled while everyone is together on the call.

Setting expectations for the kind of information you should have prepared will help you fully maximize the limited time you have together to focus on the value you can provide to one another. – Read more

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