5 Things To Look For In A QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider

Accounting firms are now thinking about making a shift to QuickBooks hosting. It makes the entire accounting process a lot easier and error-free.

If you are also thinking of moving your QuickBooks Desktop to the cloud, you need to find the right QuickBooks hosting provider. But, with so many hosting providers in the market, how do you find the right one for you?

Making such decisions can undoubtedly be very daunting. This is why we are here to assist. We have tried to narrow it down to a few specific points that will help you find the right QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provider for your business. Take a look:

  1. Hosting Tariff

Whether you are hiring any service or purchasing any commodity, the first thing that you might think about is the cost. It would be best if you compared the pricing options available. You need to select the one where you can avail of top-notch services with excellent attributes within your pricing range.

It would also be best to compare the features of multiple providers. Accordingly, you can proceed ahead with your decision-making process. Many cloud service providers charge extra for data backup and advanced security features. You can clear your requirements, ask about any hidden or extra charges. For example, Ace Cloud Hosting offers excellent features like advanced data security measures and 45 days rolling backup with no hidden/additional charges.

  1. Security

The next thing that you need to check is whether the data shared on the cloud gets top-notch security or not. This is because most accounting firms handle sensitive financial data that needs to be protected at all costs.

So, it is crucial that you only select a Quickbooks hosting provider equipped with top security offerings like the latest firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection systems, and more. Before selecting the QuickBooks hosting provider, you can ask about all the security measures they offer. If they faced any past issues? How would they help the accounting processes continue during a crisis? You can also ask about the data centers and their locations.

  1. Customer Support Rating and Efficiency

With your data stored in the cloud, there might be instances where you might experience some technical glitch. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to visit the office of the QuickBooks hosting provider and get in-person assistance. You must check whether the provider has an attentive and efficient support system in place or not.

If the hosting provider can assist you with round-the-clock customer support, you can hire their services. The support executives must be well-equipped and able to help you quickly. The quality of the support has to be one of the major contributors to your decision-making process. Most reputed providers offer quick responses and can be contacted via phone, chat, and email.

  1. Scalability

The following important factor that you must check with your potential QuickBooks hosting provider is whether they are scalable enough to assist you in the future. Every single business has to experience inconsistent growth. So, they would like to use their resources wisely and scale their solutions accordingly.

This helps you scale up or down the cloud resources as per the organization’s needs without any hassle. It also allows you to opt out of the cloud service seamlessly. This is why you must check whether the QuickBooks hosting company will offer the scalability you need.

  1. Server Uptime

The only thing that makes it possible for you to access your data from any location and is server uptime. Uptime means the duration when the server is up and running without any trouble.

This is why you must not hesitate and consider checking with this factor as well. As per industry standards, the uptime should be above 99.99%. If any cloud service provider offers above 99.99% uptime or the same, then you can opt for the cloud service company.


These are the aspects that you need to look for in your Quickbooks Cloud hosting provider. Connecting with the right company can help you keep your data safe and secure. So, always check with the points mentioned above and then make your final decision.

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