5 Key Benefits of Integrating Outlook with CRM Software

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Do you use Microsoft Outlook? If so, you know how many hours you spend reading and writing emails or planning meetings each day. It is an essential tool for all of us.

When it comes to team collaboration, Outlook has its limits. The same works for managing sales, email marketing, or projects. If you need any of those, it’s better to invest in CRM software that will help you to stay organized, connected to customers, and streamline processes.

But there is also an all-in-one option. Just integrate Outlook with the right CRM system to turn your Microsoft Outlook into full-fledged collaboration software. This solution has 5 key benefits.

All-in-one solution

Thanks to the integration of Outlook with CRM, you can access emails, meetings, contacts, sales, marketing, projects, and more in a single workspace. This means you don’t have to keep switching between multiple windows or constantly rewriting and copying data.

Well-known user interface

You can ease your team’s learning curve when you embed your new CRM right into Outlook. They won’t need to learn anything new, because everything they already know will work there as well.

Synchronizing calendars

Synchronizing your Outlook calendar with a CRM system helps you keep everyone up to date. You can create a meeting record or timesheet directly from a calendar event and have it automatically appear in the budget of the entire project in the CRM. There are many ways to automate routine tasks using CRM.

Create deals or projects from emails

When you convert your emails into deals or projects in CRM, you automatically consolidate your communications history. What’s more, it only takes two clicks. And with the automatic saving of outgoing emails, users can even set the preference of emails to be added to the CRM.

Offline mode

All data from your CRM can be saved locally and will be accessible while you are offline. Once you are online again, any changes you have made will be synchronized.

Integrated CRM and Outlook can help you streamline various processes that are custom-made to your organizational goals. If you want to store information about leads and your customers, maintain a history of conversations, and much more, eWay-CRM can help you accomplish all of this.

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