5 Common QuickBooks Hosting Benefits for Accountants and CPAs

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Accountants and CPAs look for new ways to make their tedious and cumbersome accounting process easier and quicker. They must keep up with the changing times using cutting-edge technology and the latest solutions. QuickBooks accounting software is one solution that has been delivering what accountants and CPAs need for a prolonged period.

Designed for all kinds of business, QuickBooks simplifies your accounting tasks and helps you easily track income, expenses, and more. However, with recent advancements in technology, most accountants and CPAs prefer to go for QuickBooks hosting rather than the traditional on-premise QuickBooks solution. Want to know why? Read this blog post to get the answer and prepare yourself to unleash the full potential of QuickBooks Desktop.

How Does QuickBooks Hosting Benefits Accountants and CPAs?

  1. Remote Access

No matter how dedicated and skilled accounting professionals you have for your business, it can often be challenging for them to be physically present in the office to serve your clients. However, with QuickBooks hosting, your accountants can interact with the clients regardless of location. You need an internet-enabled compatible device like a smartphone, laptop, iPad, or tablet to access the accounting software and make client interaction hassle-free.

When hosted on the cloud, QuickBooks gives you access to all authorized books and records, similar to the QuickBooks desktop. The only difference is that you can access the data anytime and from any location. You can significantly increase productivity while having the flexibility to work from anywhere.

  1. Multi-User Collaboration

Team collaboration is the key to the success of a business. When hosted locally in an on-premise setup, QuickBooks requires every team member in an organization to be physically available on their dedicated computer systems. If no team member is available, it can impact communication amongst the team members and efficiency.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud allows all the authorized users to work together on a shared virtual platform. Accountants, CPAs, and other organization stakeholders can view, share, and edit files simultaneously. Any edits to the file appear in real-time, and every user can see these changes, keeping themselves up to date. This way, you can eliminate the requirement of making multiple versions of one file.

Hosting QuickBooks saves significant time and improves work quality for accountants and CPAs. If your employees are situated across the globe, QuickBooks hosting proves imperative as you can communicate and work with the employees on a shared platform. This is an excellent way of growing a business and improving its reach on a global scale.

  1. Data Security

The lack of a robust data security strategy could be fatal for any business. Cyber-attacks and malicious threats can risk privacy, availability, and business integrity. Mitigating the impact of these threats requires you to have a robust system.

In addition, accountants and CPAs deal with clients’ sensitive data, including bank details, debit/credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers (SSN), etc. Hence, ensuring the security of this information is of paramount importance.

When you opt for QuickBooks hosting services from a reputed cloud provider, it becomes their responsibility to keep your data secure from any mishap. Most cloud hosting providers implement top-notch data security standards on their remote cloud servers, such as:

  • Multi-factor authentication system
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Antivirus and antimalware programs
  • DDoS protection
  • Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System
  • Multi-level firewall system
  1. Scalability of Resources

Over time, your requirements for resources might change drastically irrespective of the size of your business. For example, you might need extra staffing during tax season to complete a pile of accounting tasks. As a result, your requirement for additional data storage, RAM, and the number of users would also increase.

QuickBooks hosting can come in handy in such cases as you get scalability options to adjust your requirements. All you need to do is convey the requirements to your cloud hosting provider, and they will do the rest.

Besides, hosted QuickBooks allows you to integrate with various add-ons to add new functions to the accounting application without impacting the server performance.

  1. Disaster Recovery

External factors like natural disasters and their aftermath could often disrupt a business. In such cases, recovering data can almost be impossible, resulting in a halt of business continuity.

However, by opting for a QuickBooks cloud accounting solution from a competent hosting provider, you can guarantee your business’s robust disaster recovery system. Cloud hosting providers store data redundantly across multiple geographically isolated places and data centers. Even if one data center encounters downtime or undergoes maintenance, you can retrieve data from another server, ensuring business continuity.

Bottom Line

QuickBooks Desktop has been a one-stop solution for accountants and CPAs for a long time. Hosting it on the cloud can fetch added benefits, which are lacking in the desktop version of the software. Hosted QuickBooks allows you to access your data from anywhere, anytime. As such, you don’t need to be physically present at the office every time to access data or serve your clients.

Furthermore, collaboration with team members gets easier as everyone can access and edit files or data simultaneously, regardless of geographical boundaries. In addition, you get high data security, disaster recovery features, round-the-clock customer support, etc., to ensure continued productivity for your business.

With so many advantages of QuickBooks hosting, it won’t be wrong to say that businesses can significantly transform how they handle their accounting processes with QuickBooks.

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