5 Benefits of letting agents work remotely

My Post (17).pngIf remote working hadn’t yet been on your radar, the current state of the world due to COVID-19 has almost certainly changed things for your business and contact center. As states and businesses close in an effort to control the virus’ spread, business owners are having to make tough decisions about their workforce.

Though you may not be thrilled about having your employees work remotely, there are numerous business benefits to having a remote customer support team. In this article, we explored some of the top advantages of working in remote teams, from home or local coffee shops. If your contact center has the ability to utilize a remote workforce, this change may make a powerful, beneficial difference to the way you do business.

The benefits of a remote team

As a business owner or contact center manager, you likely have legitimate concerns about allowing your agents to work remotely. Maybe you’re wondering:

“How will I know if my remote agents are actively working?”

“Can I coordinate a productive schedule for a distributed team that works across multiple time zones?”

“Will I see negative effects on our customer service if I create a remote team?”

Thankfully, these fears are largely unfounded, especially when your contact center team is equipped with the right tools. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll see even better results when your team is connected by technology rather than proximity.

Before getting into the benefits, however, let’s start with the basics.

What is a remote team?

A remote team includes a group of employees that completes their tasks and collaborates with coworkers outside of office spaces. In terms of a contact center, this can include agents, supervisors and contact center admins. These remote workers may have started in a traditional co-working space before moving home or they may have been hired specifically for a remote position. Though they don’t work in the same space, these teams maintain typical team meetings and communication, just through the phone or over video calls.

Many contact centers build diverse teams by hiring remote workers from across the nation and the globe. This increases access to a larger talent pool and often attracts more candidates, allowing you to build a highly effective team that is the best at what they do.

What are the benefits of remote working?

The decision to move from an office setting to a virtual team affects everyone in the business, so it’s important to know the benefit of remote work for your team and customer service. There are many ways to implement remote work, each with its own perks, but there are some benefits that everyone can experience when working remotely.

1 – Increasing productivity through remote work

Though many business owners and contact center managers worry about work getting done from home, increased productivity is often the biggest benefit of a remote team. A study presented in the Harvard Business Review, for example, showed that remote workers accomplished almost a full additional day’s amount of work per week when compared to on-site employees. Another study found that 45% of remote employees can get more done in less time and 44% are less distracted and more productive than they would be at the office.

For some agents, the ability to find the best environment and schedule for their needs naturally leads to better work. For others, improved productivity is a way to pay back companies that allow them to work from home. – Read more

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