3 Apps To Help You Make More Money

Here are three apps that let you make more money by helping you track your time, what you spend and how much you charge!


Managing time effectively is vital to the health of your business. Whether you sell your time for a living or pay for it as a business owner, tracking it efficiently is critical! That’s where Harvest time tracking software comes in. Super easy to use, this time tracking software lets you capture where your hours are being spent most with a range of comprehensive reporting to suit all freelancers and small business owners. 💰


Tracking what you spend your money on can be VERY dull and tedious. Sadly it’s a necessity to make sure your business stays healthy and away from the clutches of the taxman. Dext lets you capture receipts on your phone or simply forward them via email and magically transfer them to your accounting software automatically. It’s not going to make your admin anymore fun, but once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you lived without it. 🙏


Normally left to a bookkeeper or accountant 😴 , accounting software is starting to adapt and service the business owner as well. With more the 3 million customers worldwide, Xero is definitely leading that charge. Features such as payroll, tax returns, expense claims, budgeting, project tracking and real-time bank feeds are all standard features of this award-winning business software. If you’re looking to have a fresh start with your finances this year, we highly recommend Xero. win 🏆 (we’ve also been customers of theirs for 9 years ourselves!)

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