15 Best Personal CRM Tools

15 Best Personal CRM Tools

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There’s been a quick rise in personal CRM software.

With a personal CRM system, you can save time and work smarter by automating routines like scheduling and following up on tasks, creating reminders, and consolidating your contacts, because losing touch isn’t good, whether with professional colleagues or personal friends. But what’s the best personal CRM for you?

Many users want a CRM for their own individual use for friends and business, for relationships and marketing alike. The term “customer relationship management” describes this type of service. A professional CRM can apply to CRM for personal connections, and can help you enhance your personal network. A great personal CRM will elevate your sales potential as a digital business card scanner.

Below are examples of the best personal and professional CRM software, from marketing to recording events to phone integrations to keeping up with prospects. Some personal CRM software tools and personal CRM apps are more oriented for serious users who want an open source solution they can customized and some are for people who simply want to take better control of their personal relationships and manage their outreach. Some CRMs will have better features and a better user experience. This list reflects only a slice of the greater CRM solutions market. 

contact + crm


Contacts+ is a time-saving CRM app that allows you to maintain relationships with your contacts. It’s a truly solid personal relationship management platform, with built-in reminders.

Contacts+ is a cross-platform app that syncs your contacts between all of your devices (including iOS, Mac, PC, and other mobile devices) and any number of accounts you may use to keep track of your contacts (such as Gmail, Exchange and Office365) and any you generate from social media. It’s a great option for both professional and personal use, for business partners and friends alike. It’s a great addition to your life if you find yourself disorganized.

Pros and Cons 

Pros: Contacts+ will go online and gather as much additional information as it can about a contact. The information is then arranged in a way that is straightforward to read on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Great integrations and automation capabilities. Free trial.

Cons: Doesn’t always sync data like it says it will. Some users complain that it takes a few tries to successfully execute an integration.

Hippo CRM


For all your marketing and customer engagement needs, Hippo is a robust SaaS platform. 

Hippo is an all-in-one customer service platform. Omnichannel campaigns, such as emails, WhatsApp, SMS, and push notifications, can be automated to offer a personalized customer experience, and you can provide conversational support through chatbots, live chats, and calls, with links you can put in social media.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Intuitive dashboard, easy to use. One of the better personal CRMs; easy to manage your workflow.

Cons: Occasionally glitchy.



Airtable is quickly becoming the gold standard for much of corporate America, and quickly for entrepreneurs and people using personal CRM’s, too.

Airtable enables any team to create apps on top of shared data and power their most critical workflows. Teams rely on the Airtable Connected Apps Platform to connect their people and data and achieve their most important goals.

At first glance, Airtable looks a lot like a spreadsheet, but it is much more powerful. Airtable’s tools equip teams to predict the things they need to execute, establish relationships, and create scenarios explicitly designed for their work.

Airtable helps teams adapt their software when markets adjust or objectives change. Airtable provides transparency and clarity to users. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Highly customizable, adaptable to various workflows. Great personal relationship manager. Free trial.

Cons: Somewhat complicated to set up, not always easy to integrate other softwares. Pricier than other CRM’s.

Notion CRM


Notes, documents, wikis, and project management are all brought together in a single workspace by Notion. Each of these features can be customized. Tens of thousands of teams and businesses all over the world use it to facilitate collaboration, maintain a state of constant awareness, and do more work together.

Notion offers features like the capability to group notes into pages and the ability to treat a set of data as a block. Building with Notion almost offers a playground-type feel. It’s a personal contact management software that’s truly fun. It’s one of the better personal CRM apps on the market. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Highly user-friendly and versatile. More tactile and fun to use than most personal CRMs, and more intuitive. Creative thinkers who also are project oriented will love Notion. Excellent for small business use. Great CRM for individuals. Solid automation. Free trial.

Cons: Doesn’t have a solid spreadsheet functionality; only embeds Google Sheets, which can limit those who want spreadsheet capacity. In some ways, its pros and cons are the inverse of Airtable.



Cloze functions much like a personal assistant, prompting you at the right time and retaining important details about your business connections even when you forget them yourself. It’s personal relationship management personified, A great way to help organize your life.

Cloze does this by pulling information from all of your apps to automatically generate a single view of every person and company, complete with all of their contact information as well as a full history of your interactions with that person or company, including all emails sent and received, phone calls, meetings, notes, files, and social and messaging interactions. Even email signatures will be retrieved for you to ensure that all of your contacts have the most recent information, with great reminders.

You won’t have to do any busy work because everything is already structured for you according to contact, company, and meeting. It’s a great way to classify any digital business card you might have, and a great personal relationship manager.

Cloze is able to put advanced data science to work for you since it stores everything in a single location. Cloze can determine who is significant to you and keep them in the forefront of your mind. Additionally, it can prompt you to reach out to a contact and revitalize an older relationship, whether on social media or from an old email.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Message and email tracking capabilities. Cloze does have the ability to find names, dates, and other important data across communications at great speed and depth. No other CRM has quite the ability to manage data across messaging and email like Cloze. Great CRM for individuals or groups. Free trial.

Cons: The dashboard can be a little overwhelming. In some ways, you’re trading great functionality for a simpler user experience, something many CRM tools have difficulty negotiating.



Covve serves as your personal assistant, reminding you to stay in touch and providing you with the appropriate notifications to do so. It’s one of the best personal CRM tools on the market to organize every contact in your life.

Covve is utilized by professionals across multiple industries, including corporate leaders, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs, and it has been ranked as the number-one personal CRM in the US app stores in some rankings. It’s a powerful resource for all of your personal relationships and a great relationship management tool.

Covve offers: 

– A weekly reminders plan for efficient and productive networking 

– Notes on your connections to ensure that you are constantly relevant 

– Reminders to follow up and stay in contact 

– Categorization and organization tools in the form of tags for your network 

– Mobile-first, no setup required; just download and start using 

– Weekly statistics on the growth of your professional networking

Pros and Cons

Pros: Customizable and excellent syncing capabilities. Great ability to adjust to other software and interact with their data. Free trial.

Cons: Not available as part of the Google Play pass subscription, somewhat more expensive.



Monday.com is a robust and multifunctional sales CRM that also serves as a great personal CRM software and personal CRM app. You can employ a list format, a timeline for tasks, charts, and much more. The CRM features drag-and-drop use, along with bespoke columns/rows that can be used for pretty much anything within your customer management system. Monday.com is considered one of the most customizable CRM’s on the market, and a great personal contact management software for corporate and personal life.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Great customizability. Color-coordinated interface, drag-and-drop dashboards, etc. make for great ease of use to help keep track of contacts. Great for email marketing. Great automation capabilities.

Cons: No phone or live-chat support.



Followup is a personal CRM software that ranks first among many construction companies and individual contractors who need to keep track of clients in their address book. Followup assists contractors in remembering to follow up with leads, bids, and customers. The platform assists sales teams in carrying out key aspects of the sales process, such as following up on every key contact, managing bids and other sales-related tasks, and managing leads. This facilitates the making of intelligent decisions for your professional relationships.

Pros and Cons

Pros: easy to access, ability to keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. Great user interface overall. Free trial.

Cons: Users might find that the “File Data” section can be hard to navigate at times


Clay provides a welcoming personal CRM environment, that is also very private, for all of your relationships. Clay is populated from the ground up using your calendar and social history. Clay is built from the ground up, a personal CRM that is considerate and more personal than most. Keep up with friends with seamless automation.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Very personal, social feel, not clunky or “corporate”-feeling. Great relationship management tool. Great contact organization and CRM for individuals. Free trial.

Cons: Users might find that there aren’t as many features or functions as other personal crms

Folk CRM


The Folk app enables you to get the most out of your existing connections. Folk is a contact manager that helps you manage the relationships that are important to you by leveraging powerful integrations and smart features. Setting up Folk is simple and easy, and using it is even simpler.

Folk fills the gap between the contact data in Gmail, which is essentially useless on its own, and the cloud-based personal CRM, which can feel impersonal. After using it, one realizes that this happy medium of Folk is much quicker for the contact management and outreach that is most relevant to our company. In addition, the user experience as a whole and the gorgeous user interface outperform the vast majority of CRM’s and contact managers currently available. Top-5 for best CRM for small businesses.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Great sales tool for teams and project integrations. Excellent for small business use. Free trial.

Cons: Users might find that some features may load slowly at times. 



Kintone is a personal CRM and workflow management platform that can be accessed through the cloud and is fully customizable. It is suitable for use by businesses of any size. Compliance management, control over the approval process, event monitoring, form management, and access to application libraries are some essential features offered by the solution. 

Users are able to automate tasks such as process workflows, assignments, and notifications with the help of the solution, which eliminates the need for users to modify or create their own custom code. Excel spreadsheets can be converted into apps using Kintone, which also provides open API connectivity, including social media. In addition, the solution provides developers and business owners with access to workshops, content, and consulting in order to equip them with the necessary skills to use the product. 

Desktop computers and mobile operating systems like iOS and Android are both compatible with Kintone’s design. There is an option for a free trial. Great tool for managing professional relationships.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to use compared to most systems, solid tools

Cons: No calendar or scheduling functions, which may be tedious for some users



Dex is a personal CRM system that is able to send you suggestions for taking action without requiring you to do any additional work because it integrates with both your calendar and the social networking sites you use. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Elegant and easy-to-use user interface. Excellent for small business use; top-5 for best CRM for small companies.

Cons: Pricing is a bit high.



Nat is a CRM system with tons of features that was designed from the ground up to be the most effective solution there is to maintain communication with leads, clients, and contacts. Great app with a ton of features. 

Nat uses AI for relationships. Find the people you’ve lost touch with and start communicating with them again. Applying Nat’s AI to the task of analyzing your emails, calendar events, and contact data makes for a great app with great tools.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Great automation capability. Solid for managing professional relationships.

Cons: More stripped-down than other systems, not best for users who need more functionality.

Mogul networking

Mogul Networking

Similar to Nat, Mogul Networking is a sleek, streamlined, and stripped-down relationship management product that packs a punch and gives you only what you need. Mogul is unique in that it offers complete end-to-end encryption, similar to WhatsApp, and provides remarkable data security for an app of its size. It’s the best personal CRM for those who want end-to-end encryption, perfect for secure follow ups.

Mogul has the ability to schedule reminders to follow up, add events, and combine contacts. In addition, it would be fantastic if it were possible to integrate it with other messaging apps like Slack, Signal, or Telegram; however, to be fair, few personal CRM’s offer this functionality. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Great interface and encryption capabilities, one of its best features. Top-5 for best CRM for small businesses. Great tools.

Cons: Slightly on the pricey side, but not by much.



Streak is the only CRM system that operates in tandem with all of your other Google Workspace applications while remaining fully integrated within your Gmail inbox. It is possible to use this personal CRM to keep tabs on any and all business processes, such as sales, partnerships, support, hiring, deal flow, and a great deal more. Streak also comes with a robust collection of email tools, such as email tracking and mail merge, among others (with automated follow-ups). Streak works well with your Google calendar and simplifies the data entry process.

Streak’s ability to simply function as a personal CRM app within your Gmail system is nothing short of fantastic and makes it one of the best personal CRM systems. You can simply manage deals directly within Gmail, a massive plus for Google aficionados. Ideal for email marketing.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Intra-Google functionality, something invaluable for Google-based teams

Cons: Sometimes, the add-on tools can unlink from Google, which may frustrate some users. Also, higher spam risk. 


Everyone manages their relationships differently, whether by phone or computer. Different CRM‘s exist to help users, and thankfully the CRM market is immense and has no shortage of unique offerings, from phone integrations to email syncs. The products above reflect just one cross-section of the greater personal CRM market, and many of them offer free trials. No product will be perfect, although you might find something that delivers your personal and professional CRM needs for friends and colleagues. Whether you’re an open source builder or one of the casual users, there’s always an app with tools for your business need, life, and events.

Time to build your digital business card and get going on building and managing those sales connections!

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