12 Ways to Streamline Communications With SaaS Vendors

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Communicating with SaaS vendors is important: Without sharing information or getting updates, you’re far less likely to get the most out of using their services.

However, too often time is lost when interacting with these vendors. All that’s truly necessary in communication is to obtain good information and the service — without being drowned in extra information. So how can you find the right balance? To find out, we asked entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council the following:

“What is the best way to streamline communications with your SaaS vendors, so that you’re getting good information and service, but not inundated with extra information?”

Tips on Communicating with SaaS Vendors

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

1. Use Shared Channels in Slack

“Helping everyone communicate within Slack has significantly streamlined internal, outsourced and external communication (customers). We use Slack to contact internal and outsourced partners. We email external (customers). This helps make sure email inboxes don’t clutter up important customer (sales and customer service) conversations that directly impact revenue.” ~ Josh Harcus, Hüify

2. Hit That Unsubscribe Button

“Frequent emails from SaaS vendors can end up cluttering your inbox. The best way forward is to unsubscribe from the promotional emails and talk directly to the SaaS vendors regarding your mail preferences. This not only clears up your inbox, it establishes a direct communication channel with your SaaS vendors, leading to more efficiency in your communication.” ~ Rahul Varshneya, Arkenea

3. Turn Off Most of Your Notifications

“When I sign up for a new website, I turn off most of the notifications immediately. There are only a few kinds of notifications I want to know about: when another person requires a direct response from me, when I’m getting charged and when something catastrophic happens. Just because an app’s designer wants to make sure I log in regularly doesn’t mean I agree.” ~ Thursday Bram, The Responsible Communication Style Guide – Read more