10 Reasons You Should Use an iPad for a POS Till System

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Do you have a retail store? Are you looking for ways to increase your efficiency, save money on hardware, and improve your business? If so, then an iPad POS system might be just what you need.

With technology advancing and tablet devices getting more powerful, retailers are beginning to realise that iPads can be used as a point of sale system for their business.

With an iPad POS system, you will have access to all your standard cash register features and much more with the power of cloud-based point of sale software.

This article will explore the benefits of using iPads as your point of sale system in a retail store.

Here are 10 reasons why iPads are perfect as a point of sale system:

  1. iPads are easy to use – They’re intuitive and easy enough for anyone to pick up quickly, reducing training time, and improving speed when making sales.
  2. iPads can be used anywhere – You don’t need a wifi connection or internet access to use your POS, just connect to wifi at the end of the day to sync your sales.
  3. iPads are cost-effective – hardware costs are more affordable than traditional countertop till systems. With iPads starting from only £319. Modern point of sale software is super affordable, with pricing starting at only £29 per month. Traditional POS systems can cost up to £15k which is a considerable cost for any small business, and quite frankly it doesn’t make sense for most businesses.
  4. Flexible hardware – it can integrate with industry-standard hardware, allowing you to easily build the system you need for your store, you might even be able to integrate it with your existing hardware.
  5. Better software – with modern POS software you have the advantage of business analytics, inventory management, and customer loyalty features as standard. You can learn much more about your business.
  6. Lots of integrations – an iPad POS system can easily integrate with other tools like email marketing, accounting, payment processors and more. This can help you save time when managing your business, and it lets you do better marketing.
  7. Cheaper to maintain – traditional POS systems are expensive to maintain and often require specialist engineers to help you fix issues. With an iPad POS system your software is on the cloud, can be updated remotely, and it’s much cheaper to maintain in the long run.
  8. Much more than just a POS system – iPads can be used for more than just a POS system, they can be used as a sales tool, you can use them to provide one to one customer experiences showing products in detail, collecting user information for marketing, and much more with other apps.
  9. Environmentally friendly – save on paper receipts, simply email receipts to your customers which is much more convenient and better for the environment.
  10. Safer data management – your data isn’t stored on your device, it’s stored securely in the cloud. This means even if your iPad breaks your data is safe and secure, meaning less downtime, and no costly data recovery services are needed. It also means you can access your data anytime anywhere on any device, even your mobile phone.

With the retail landscape changing, and consumers changing how they shop, point of sale software that is flexible, scalable and integrates with ecommerce is becoming more and more important in allowing small retailers to compete on a global level.

If you’re looking for an iPad point of sale system, that allows you to do all of those things, then take a look at AirPOS for an easy and affordable way to upgrade your POS system and improve your business. We even have a free Shopify integration allowing you to connect your brick-and-mortar store to your ecommerce platform.

If you want to learn more about iPad POS systems, check out the following guide on the best iPad POS systems for retailers.

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