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My Post (18)At RingCentral, we’ve prioritized reducing the number of apps employees need to manage. Studies show that 69% of employees toggle up to 10 apps in a single hour, with some toggling up to 15 apps. The sheer number of apps, tabs, tasks, and other work obligations is overwhelming employees, and destroying productivity as a result. And when organizations adopt disparate communications solutions, the issue is only exacerbated.

The RingCentral app unifies team messaging, video conferencing, and cloud phone into a single platform where employees can seamlessly switch between different modes of communication and collaborate from any device. With several essential features combined, the app reduces the number of technology employees have to manage, allowing them to focus on their tasks and drive business outcomes.

One of the best features of RingCentral is the ability to connect communications essentials with other business tools. Our wide selection of apps allows workers from all roles and departments to find integrations that meet their needs.

We compiled a list of our most popular integrations. Here are 10 apps you should check out today:

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome extension makes it easy for users to access important RingCentral features from Chrome or Google Calendar. With this extension, users can schedule a RingCentral video meeting from any webpage, send RingCentral Video meeting invites through Google Calendar, and select a RingCentral Video meeting as a conferencing option when they create new Google Calendar events.For organizations that rely on video calls and conferences to keep their teams connected and projects moving forward, automating tasks like copy-and-pasting call links into calendar invites reduces administrative work and streamlines the meeting scheduling process.

2. Google G Suite

The RingCentral G Suite add-on is perfect for teams that use Gmail and Google Calendar for the bulk of their professional communication. The add-on integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar apps, appearing as a small, discrete icon on the right side of the app’s screen when not in use.

When users click on the icon, a sidebar will appear where they can view their recent call and message history, start a new email conversation, schedule a RingCentral Meeting, make outbound calls, and send SMS messages—right from their Gmail inbox or Google Calendar.

3. Salesforce

The Salesforce platform empowers organizations around the world to better connect with customers, partners, and future customers.

RingCentral’s Salesforce integration gives the application a major efficiency boost by automating workflows and streamlining many common tasks. With RingCentral for Salesforce, users can call contacts with one click, seamlessly schedule RingCentral Video meetings, automatically log calls, and build comprehensive reports and dashboards that provide insights into every call.

4. Okta

Tired of keeping track of multiple passwords? RingCentral for Okta simplifies the app login process with secure identity management features like single sign-on, which permits users to sign in to all of their RingCentral applications with a single ID and password.

The Okta integration also automatically updates user phone numbers across multiple apps and enables employees to use their desk phone number on mobile devices, so they can securely and privately make and receive calls from any location. – Read more

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