10 Goal-Oriented Strategies To Market Your Ecommerce Store In 2020

When you set out to market your eCommerce store, it’s not enough to just say you want to be big. There are many successful stores out there. You should have some particular goals in mind.

Goals help you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. They also make it easier for you to create and adjust your long-term plan.

As you build an eCommerce store in 2020, here are ten key goal-oriented marketing strategies to try out:

1. Draw In Desired Traffic

With your store up and running, a lot of your first visitors will be a random bunch. Try to get more people from a particular group to visit the site. Your store may be largely into selling customized uniforms to other businesses in bulk.

Or it could be offering mainly women’s wear. In either case, if the majority of your traffic is teenage boys, you need to switch up. Use Google Analytics to find out certain qualities about your traffic like age, gender, devices used, location etc.

Revise your strategy to get your store the right attention. Mention it in business forums. Be present in social media groups dedicated to subjects relating to what you sell.

2. Expand Your Email List


Once you start getting traffic to your store, sales may not immediately shoot up. Establish relationships with these people. Go through your website data to find out their behavior, like what they are looking at.

Figure out other attributes like their location and age. Place CTAs in the right places, requesting them to sign up for a newsletter. Give them good reasons.

This could be updates on latest offers and product availability. It can also be a discount on their next purchase.

With an email list, you can set a number of people you want to add each month. You can also set a target for how many return visits and sales you want to get from your list.

This helps you learn what you need to do for different groups of people to get them to buy.

3. Rank Higher In Searches

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a good way to get a lot of organic attention for your site. It mainly involves getting your site more likely to appear when people search for products you sell.

Use tools like Ahrefs to find out which words shoppers type the most into search engines when looking for products you have. Perform a search and see whether your store makes it to the first page.

Revisit your store and change your titles and other phrases to be more similar to the keywords. Work on the linking between pages and other sites too. Conduct these search tests until you appear higher up.

You can set your goals to be about a position on the first page. Additionally, try singling out particular keywords and become the most common search result for those. – Read more

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