How you can use online tools to better manage cash flow

How you can use online tools to better manage cash flow

Online tools to better manage cash flow.

As UK businesses continue to struggle with a third lockdown, many will be thinking of ways they can maintain business continuity. For those that can, this means selling their products online. 

In the past, many small businesses would have relied on paper receipts or physical invoices. This meant it took longer to get paid, and records didn’t get updated in a timely fashion.

The pandemic has changed things. Those traditional at the core are discovering that digital processes offer far greater scalability and resilience. 

When connected to Xero, an online invoice payment service like GoCardless or Stripe helps businesses get paid up to twice as fast. Here’s how online invoicing can help you:

Get paid anytime, anywhere

Businesses who accept online invoice payments through Xero get paid faster. Adding a ‘Pay now’ button to your online invoices lets your customers pay you instantly, so you can save time chasing payments and reduce your admin burden. You can also give them many different ways to pay your invoices. With Stripe, you can accept credit card, debit card, and Apple Pay payments, and through GoCardless you can automatically collect direct debit payments on the due date.

Get paid on time

Having the right tools to effectively manage your cash flow is always important, but never has been more truly felt than during the past year. Xero Small Business Insights data shows us that small business revenue continues to decline in the UK.

With all of this uncertainty, cash is often tied up in late payments. This can have a huge impact on cash flow, and is the number one reason that small businesses fail.

This means you’re not only spending valuable time chasing invoices, but you’re also dealing with the lack of cash flow in your business.  – Read more

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Advantages Of A Managed Cloud Service For Resilience

Advantages Of A Managed Cloud Service For Resilience

Advantages of a managed cloud service for business resilience

Studies have shown that enterprises embracing the latest technological solutions are achieving greater success at staying resilient amidst the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Companies that already allowed staff to operate flexibly from home and had pre-existing data security measures in place found they could provide a seamless service for their clients, with staff able to perform their roles efficiently and safely from a remote location. As part of an effective strategy to keep operating efficiently, many firms are now selecting managed cloud services.

This solution can have a wide range of benefits for businesses, providing a wealth of useful features while avoiding the worries of time-consuming maintenance and what can sometimes be disproportionate and unnecessary costs.

Handling and storing data is part of every modern company’s operations and keeping this information secure is crucial. On-premises data storage is at risk from a wide range of security threats, expensive downtime and unwanted data loss, however, these issues can be mitigated effectively when information is managed in the cloud.

Migrating enterprise data from on-site storage to the cloud may seem like a daunting task, but it is simpler to implement than many other systems. In the following sections, we’ll explore the nature of managed cloud services and look at eight advantages companies can enjoy when they use them.

Effective cost management of your managed cloud service

Using cloud-managed services can effectively reduce costs, as monthly payments need only be made for facilities that are being used. Plans can be customised, bespoke to business needs allowing firms to optimise IT support payments and only spend on a setup that is truly required. Reducing unnecessary expenses is an important part of any firm’s longevity.

Centralised network

Enterprises can benefit from a managed cloud service provider (MSP) that effectively tends all servers and apps in the central data centre as part of the dedicated cloud network. This enables multiple users to access central data in the same network along with any virtual services that are available. Using the cloud, firms can also create backup and storage facilities within the central network. All these features create smoother business processes, with staff using the enhanced network availability to share and save data efficiently.

Enhanced scalability

Managed cloud services offer plenty of room for expansion, ideal for growing businesses. With the aid of managed cloud services, businesses are also able to focus on operations while time-consuming technical issues are attended to by the dedicated service provider.

Data restoration

Firms still employing servers on premises often have complicated recovery plans in place with data stored off-site in case a disaster should happen. Managed cloud services, on the other hand, ensure data is always secure and safe across all applications and services. This means that businesses using cloud storage can remain resilient and return to full operations with data fully restored swiftly and minimise any downtime suffered.

Maintaining network security

Cloud Services depend on the internet as their base network, offering a solution free from the risk of physical threats. Firewalls, secure VLANs, as well as IDS/IPS can all be established for a single or multiple cloud servers, creating a secure and dedicated network environment for users. Sensitive data stored in the cloud is not put at risk in the same way as content saved to laptops and other computers. This can be ideal when staff must work remotely, allowing them to use and save data safely, always protected by cloud service security protocols. – Read more

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5 Reasons Office365 Users Need an Email Archiving Tool

5 Reasons Office365 Users Need an Email Archiving Tool

Office365 provides features and functionality that many users of on-premise Exchange email systems will be familiar with, such as the reminder to ‘archive your old items’, especially when mailbox storage limits are approached. There are many useful features of Microsoft Office 365, but the email archiving tool has been scrutinised and has let customers down.

As many organizations see Office 365 as a one-stop shop for the management of email, it is imperative to also consider integrating additional archiving capabilities.

Organizations need a better archiving solution – one that enables them to archive emails in a fully compliant and secure manner. Here are 5 reasons why every company should integrate Office365 with an email archiving solution.

  1. Slash Time Searching for Lost Email

Office 365 can search through approximately 50 different attachment file types (mostly Microsoft files), but there are hundreds of other potential files that Office 365 cannot interrogate. Office 365 permits only 50GB of email storage capacity (including your archive), meaning you can quickly run out of space.

The integration of an email archiving solution empowers end users to retrieve their own lost emails from the archive. Users may search, view, and retrieve archived emails in seconds from Outlook or any web browser, saving time and reducing the number of IT support requests.

  1. Save up to 75% in Storage Costs

Email Archiving Solutions compress, deduplicate, encrypt and archive emails on a separate server. Typically, savings on premium storage space can be up to 75%!

Deployed on AWS, cloud-based archiving solutions allow users to spare internal resources and therefore reduce email storage costs. The cost-effective deployment therefore allows you to save money on your core email service offering.

  1. Become Bulletproof in Legal Compliance

With 60% of all business-critical information stored only in email, archiving has become an essential function within modern organizations. It is no longer enough to simply store your messages; they need to be easily searched and retrieved for compliance.

It is said that up to 74% of organizations have been ordered to produce employee email as part of legal action. If you cannot properly retain and search your emails, then you are in danger of non-compliance with government regulations, which can result in substantial fines or even imprisonment.

The ability to find and remove a customer’s personal data is a key tenet of GDPR. An Email Archiving Solution allows users to meet legal and compliance obligations under GDPR,eDiscovery, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other legislation.

  1. Full Protection Against Email Data Loss

Email data loss prevention is a critical part of your organization’s security. When using an Archiving Solution emails are encrypted in transit and when stored, giving your business total protection against data loss.

About 32% of organisations have no policies in place to prevent employees from deleting important content. An email archiving solution automatically archives, stores, and preserves emails, allowing you to safeguard your organization from losing vital and confidential email data through accidental mistakes, attacks, or insider risks.

  1. Efficiency in the New ‘Work from Home’ Era

The last year saw a huge increase in remote working – which has significantly changed the technology and business landscape. As the workforce connects remotely, organizations need to ensure that data compliance, security, and privacy persists outside of the office borders.

One of the benefits of cloud-based email archiving is the centralization of various email servers. Under remote working conditions, this is even more important. Cloud-based email archiving offers a way to consolidate and manage the data held in business emails, to ensure compliance across disparate working environments.

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